All kinds of building materials, kitchens, floors, coatings, iron, bricks, paints, etc.


Francisco Contreiras Lda


The company Francisco Contreiras Lda is a family-run company and was founded by Francisco Contreiras, who already had more than 30 years of experience in the construction materials sector. The economic growth of this company allowed the acquisition of a land with several hectares where there were built facilities with more than 2000 square meters that are divided into a large storage area, a public service area and an office area.

Company of Prestige


One of the strengths of this company is its location, close to the exit Loulé Center of Via do Infante and 2km from the intersection of the four roads (E.N. 125).

The company continues to grow every year and has already started an internationalization process for countries in the African continent.

Francisco Contreiras Lda is, for some years now, a prestigious company in the construction materials sector in the Algarve Region.

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